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We love restaurants as much as you do.
That’s why we’ve been helping them fill tables since 1999. Welcome to elixir restaurant

“Twisted Café” Is a Fast Food corner where fast food lovers will get many types of delicious live kitchen fast food items. We will provide a customer’s food using new technology. Even we will have a delivery system for providing fast food in different way. We will have software of our own where we will include new online delivery system. Twisted Cafe offers a great tasting and Delicious Varieties foods menu to our valued customers. The Restaurant would be a signature shop. Our mission is to introduce a positive think about fast food to our people in a new way with various types. Quality and hygiene will be our first priority for our customers. We will provide many amazing fast food items, Tea, Coffee, Juice, Shakes, and Lunch & Dinner Items to our customer with reasonable price as people of every class can eat our live kitchen fast food items in our shop.

Wi-Fi is available by Surrounding Twisted Cafe. We have an amazing Catering Food service maintained by twisted café with very experienced chef’s for any kinds of party & program and on request Menu as per request of any conferences and meeting of our valued customers. We have many kinds of food like have Bangla, Indian, Thai, Chinese etc to take order for arranged a party & program.

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  • Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • contact@twistercafe.com

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